What We’re Doing



Home to cutting-edge innovation, entrepreneurial-thinking, an active downtown core, and a regional appreciation for traditional and non-traditional performing arts, Bellevue is the perfect place to design and build the world’s first true performing arts center of the 21st century!

This new “Cultural Hub” will be located on the corner of 106th and 10th in downtown Bellevue on land donated to PACE by Kemper & Betty Freeman/The Freeman Family for this purpose.  We envision the venue as a lively community center, open day and night, and an integral piece of the mosaic of downtown Bellevue.


PACE has been “re-booted”. With new, visionary leadership in place across the Board of Directors and staff, PACE is reinvigorated to accomplish a goal more suited for this time and place: to construct the first building of its kind that will revolutionize the way audiences encounter live experiences.

The live performance world is only just beginning to experiment with the incredible next generation of immersive technologies. These new virtual and digital tools are inclusive and engaging, transforming the audience from passive witnesses to active participants.

The accelerated pace of digital transformation requires continuous exploration, resources and education to inspire and enable artists to create new content, programming, and experiences.


Our programming will demonstrate the energy, innovative spirit, and cultural diversity of the Eastside and the Pacific Northwest at the intersection of technology and the performing arts. As well as offering a venue for established and traditional performing arts programming, PACE’s innovative venue will provide the opportunity for artists to explore and create new experiences for tomorrow’s audiences.


The spaces in which performances and cultural experiences take place must adapt to reflect and embrace the changing desires and expectations of today’s audiences; creating a forum where 21st century communities will come together. Our (modest) goal is to build the most important new arts building in the world, and to create the model for design and construction for every subsequent performing arts venue development and construction project going forward.