What We’re Doing


Collaborating to fulfill the need on the Eastside for a cultural heart that transforms our community.

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Achieving the aspiration to transform the community takes more than simply a building, though that is essential. Importantly different experiences will be possible when its four gathering spaces – one of which will seat 2,000 – begin hosting events. What will make the biggest difference to our community’s quality of life will be our building an institution that is worthy of investment, that is designed and built to function in creativity, responsiveness, and excellence for many years to come.

Between now and when the facility opens, PACE will begin to distinguish itself by providing arts education across multiple disciplines; a variety of quality artistic and entertainment experiences including traditional, fun, relevant, creative, and cutting-edge; and leadership as an umbrella arts organization helping smaller arts groups thrive.

The physical “Cultural Hub” will be located on the corner of 106th and 10th in downtown Bellevue on land donated to PACE by Kemper and Betty Freeman/The Freeman Family for this purpose.  The lively community center will be open day and night serving as an integral contributor to the dynamism of downtown Bellevue.


One of the many truths brought to light by the global pandemic is how much we gain from communal experiences. We are all missing the opportunity to enjoy the full spectrum of arts, sports, and other entertainments best enjoyed with others. These magnetic events – and the facilities that make them possible – are the sites of some of our fondest memories.

Fortunately, community members’ prior investments in PACE create an unusual opportunity to launch future efforts on a solid platform. Many of the most difficult engineering and architectural challenges have been solved but the not-quite-complete status of the plans enables PACE to incorporate changes called for by what we’ve learned from this pandemic. But even before this, extensive research revealed Eastsiders’ strongly stated desire to be able pull together as a community, to celebrate, learn, and to be entertained in a new place and in a variety of ways, including new programming tailored to our diverse audience.

Perhaps the strongest answer to “Why Now?” is that the choice to look ahead, to invest and to rally together to build our own distinctive gathering place is a bold act of optimism and faith. It’s a way that Bellevue and the Eastside can continue to lead, by charting a path that draws people together to explore and celebrate our humanity through the performing and presenting arts.


Our programming will demonstrate the energy, innovative spirit, and cultural diversity of the Eastside and the Pacific Northwest. As well as offering a venue for established and traditional performing arts group’s programming, PACE’s venues will provide opportunities for emerging artists and smaller arts groups to create and deliver new experiences for tomorrow’s audiences.


The building’s design is incredibly efficient, packing quite a bit of usable space within a tight footprint, wrapped in architecture that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Five venues within the building will host a variety of types of performances and presentations and the multi-story digitally-programmable wall will, in its own way, “perform.”