ENDS Statements

July 24, 2020

Below, please enjoy our ENDS statements, adopted June 10, 2020. These Ends Statements are part of a living process that will inevitably evolve as we engage more with our community.

PACE exists to fulfill the need on the Eastside for a cultural heart that transforms the community.

The community will together take a critical step in creating a great city.

  • A world-class arts organization will serve, educate, and entertain the Eastside in the heart of its ‘downtown’.
  • Culture and entertainment will be a strength with which Eastside businesses recruit talent.
  • PACE will be a hallmark public-private partnership.
  • PACE will provide an opportunity for many to give meaningful expression to their wealth.
  • PACE’s development of a new generation of funders will extend the Eastside’s tradition of meaningful civic engagement.
  • The Eastside market will recognize and reward PACE’s excellence in governance, programming, and community engagement.
  • Increased state, county, and eastside cities’ funds will be allocated to Eastside arts organizations.

A living, breathing, cultural hub will advance Eastside residents’ cultural experiences and community pride.

  • The Eastside community will hold gatherings and events made possible by the size, scale, and technological capabilities of PACE venues which include a 2,000+ seat flexible performance hall, tech studio theatre, and ample public spaces.
  • Eastside students of all ages will experience arts education across multiple disciplines.
  • PACE’s leadership as an umbrella organization enables smaller arts groups to thrive.
  • Eastside teachers looking to foster analytical, practical, and creative thinking will have an arts integration resource.
  • A collaborative, motivated professional team will build and flourish within an intentional culture.

Eastside audiences will delight in sharing deep and rich experiences. 

  • Meaningful artistic entertainment – the ultimate luxury – will be delivered to the entire Eastside community.
  • PACE’s offerings will enrich the Eastside by distinctively reflecting the community: “can-do”, immigrant, and tech-savvy.
  • Our diverse audience will enjoy a variety of quality artistic and entertainment experiences that include traditional, fun, relevant, creative, and cutting-edge.
  • Unconstrained by conventional resident companies, PACE will appeal to all by the program variety presented.
  • PACE will be a welcoming place for everyone who visits or performs there.
  • Established Pacific Northwest performing arts and presenting organizations will reach a broader audience by playing also on the Eastside.