ENDS Statements

January 26, 2022


January 12,2022

The launch of PACE’s Community Engagement Committee in January 2021 included the assignment of testing our board-written and board-approved Ends Statements that had been adopted formally in June 2020. In January 2022, a list of recommendations were presented to the Board and formally accepted. The following are the revised Ends Statements which represent the effects our organization seeks to have on the world outside itself. They are a scaffolded structure of statements that include
1. An overarching Ends Statement
2. 4 Sub Ends Statements: Community Programming, Philanthropy, Artistic collaboration, and Audience.
3. Further granular statements supportive of the above categories.

PACE exists to fulfill the opportunity on the Eastside for a cultural heart that connects our diverse community through accessible programming and performing arts for all.

The community will together take a critical step in creating a connected Eastside.
• PACE, an exceptional arts organization, will serve, educate, and entertain the Eastside from a base in the heart of downtown Bellevue.
• Culture and entertainment will be a strength with which Eastside attracts talent.
• Eastside teachers looking to foster analytical, practical, and creative thinking will have an arts integration resource.
• Eastside students of all ages and economic backgrounds will experience arts education across multiple disciplines.

PACE’s development of a new generation of philanthropic leaders will extend the Eastside’s tradition of meaningful civic engagement.
• PACE’s excellence in governance, programming, and community engagement will uplift and benefit the Eastside.
• Increased state, county, and eastside cities’ funds will be more equitably allocated to Eastside arts organizations.
• PACE will be a bold collaborator in public-private partnerships.

A living, breathing, cultural center will elevate Eastside residents’ cultural experiences and community pride.
• The Eastside community will hold gatherings and events made possible by the size, scale, accessibility, and technological capabilities of PACE venues which include a 2,000+ seat flexible performance hall, tech studio theatre, and ample public spaces.
• PACE’s leadership as an umbrella organization empowers and mentors smaller arts groups to thrive.
• A collaborative, motivated professional team will build and flourish within an intentional culture.
• Pacific Northwest performing arts and presenting organizations will reach a broader audience by also playing on the Eastside.

Eastside audiences will delight in sharing deep and rich experiences.
• Meaningful artistic entertainment will be delivered to Eastside community members including all ages and socio-economic status.
• Our vibrant, diverse, and forward-thinking audience will enjoy a variety of quality artistic and entertainment experiences that include traditional, fun, relevant, creative, and cutting-edge.
• PACE will appeal to all by the program variety presented.
• PACE will be a welcoming place for everyone who visits or performs there.